This is one of those boring legal texts that tries to keep lawyers as far away as possible. This is what is often called" terms and conditions", "privacy policies" or "disclaimer".


This website has been created by Felipe, a Spanish resident, with the aim of helping other people practice languages.
From the moment you enter this website for the first time, even if you don't know it, you are accepting these conditions. Do not worry, these conditions are an empty paragraph that I have written just to be able to say that my website has a disclaimer, because it sounds good.


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No animals has been harmed during the creation of this website. Really.


On this website you can find advertising banners, which are clearly different from the rest of the content. With this banners I earn a few cents that help me to cover the expenses originated by the web and my crazy lifestyle. If you think that advertising on a website is immoral, I remind you of t hat phrase that says "when something is totally free, then you are the product."

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